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a collection by alien_sunset · last updated 2024-02-19 03:30:00
An improv TTRPG about a strange, strange place and the community radio station that supports it.
Be Regal. Be Capricious. Be Divine.
Discover the storytelling magic of tarot cards.
For preparing and running overland exploration in ttrpgs
A tarot-based worldbuilding game that creates maps & narrative details for campaigns in any TTRPG system.
Create a dungeon with a handful of dice!
One business card, infinite characters.
Cats versus the Supernatural
Any story, anywhere with this mint tin storytelling game
Send them to their doom. Never stop growing.
Wilderness Horror Setting for D&D and the OSR
A journal game about horror, survival, isolation and grit.
A Heartwarming Tabletop RPG of Travel, Wonder and Friendship
a deck of invented occupations
QUICK! Let's play a horror game! A rules lite system for those who want to run a survival horror scenario in a pinch.
A roleplaying game of melancholy horror
A whimsical bestiary for Troika!
Uncanny surrealist roleplaying, inspired by Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive, and the other dark works of David Lynch.
but how -did- you all meet in an inn?
A suite of small games designed to show how far PbtA can go.
a tabletop RPG of psychological horror and monster hunting
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