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Alone at the Table

a collection by Takuma Okada · last updated 2021-06-30 19:46:29

Other single player hacks of Alone Among the Stars

a journaling game of solitary journeys on post-apocalyptic highways
a Cyberpunk hack of Takuma Okadas Alone... games.
A solo ttrpg map making game
A solo journaling game about making contact with the living
A hack of Takuma Okada's Alone Among the Stars about scrying the Otherworld in a black mirror.
follow a lonely road and see where it takes you
A Warhammer Fantasy fangame about war
A solo game in which you explore a fantasy forest, noting what you see.
A solo game about driving public transit in an endless city
A game of sacred spaces, death, and remembrance alone at the table
Here lies a prediction of events yet to pass. Inquire at your own peril.
a one-player game about a fucked up guy looking at you
a way to explore places solo
A solo game where you explore the ruins of civilisation using a card deck and a six-sided die.
A Solo-Tabletop RPG about Uncovering a 4-Colored Past and The People Left Behind
a horror movie game for 1 player.
a solitare storytelling game about exploring haunted places
A solo role playing game recounting the lifetime of a musical instrument
A solo roleplaying game about interpreting prophecies.
A 1 player micro-RPG about queer love and fighting back
​A faction building hack of Alone Among the Stars
A solo roleplaying game about navigating the royal court
a solo roleplaying game about starship salvage
Experience memories of a dying world and visions of a new one
A solo roleplaying game about exploring the remnants
Put things inside of other things and leave no trace. Forever.
A game about working through the ongoing history of death and violence that weighs on us
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