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Pizza Jam Gems

a collection by ComputerJames · last updated 2019-02-16 09:55:45
A puzzle game of questionable style.
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Easily the most aesthetically distinct game in the bunch. Unquestionably the creation of a mind with thoughts.

Follow the rules and fix those gravestones
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MEMORY seemed to spark a lot of great creative concepts. This one proved that even basic memory games can be intruiging. I wish it had a story!


On the theme of MEMORY. This concept was so fresh and the art style so pristine, I think this might just be the best PJ game ever.

Challenge your memory in this edition of H.T.
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Perfectly clear concept, perfectly on theme, perfectly executed. Hilarious.

Go for pizza! Remember not to lose your bearings!

I loved this trippy memorious headjob (despite it being ostensibly about pizza). Trying to fetch a pizza, slice by slice and find your way back to the plate while the rooms are constantly changing and shifting.

Break your mind with some extremely hard puzzles and... snakes!
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Fabulously satisfying  snake puzzler. One of those gratifying ones where you go 'oh of course'.

A crazy game for the Pizza Jam

This was one of the best takes on the theme of basing your game on a ZX Spectrum game name. A game based soley on the name 'F1 Tornado'

Solve puzzles using unconventional input