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Best of (in my opinion)

a collection by KingofSushi · last updated 2017-05-12 20:32:27

Simply my favorite games (as in ones that I'd personally give an 8/10 or above, with a couple of possible exceptions) available on this site. A majority of them are free (though the ones you have to pay for aren't too expensive at all).

Azurea Juncture stands out from most of the other VNs on by being filled to the brim with deadpan black comedy. And it's all the better for it, even if the psychological test scene near the end goes on for a bit too long.

it is late and i am lost

A glitchy, rain-filled dreamscape. Or nightmare-scape. I'm not entirely sure as to which it is. I'm certain that this is fucking beautiful, though.

Gone Home
A Story Exploration Video Game from The Fullbright Company

Ignore the people who complain about "teh evil ess jay double-us", those who complain about "walking simulators" existing, or those who speedrun. This is a fantastic couple of hours.


Despite what the screenshots might imply, this is not a screensaver. It's just Kitty Horrorshow making yet another incredibly surreal world. And a disturbing one at that.

two people in a car during the zombie apocalypse
Visual Novel

Out of all of the visual novels on this site, and out of all of the zombie-themed games out there in general, this is definitely one of the worthwhile ones.

Ritual sacrifice in a burning world.
Play in browser

Only you can prevent forest fires, kids.

A little (not)game about the time I met ghosts in the storm and played with them.

I mean, yeah, you're forced to play Pong at one point, but everything else makes up for that. :)

a prelude

"I will teach them all the words for "loneliness" my language has." Another beautiful world created by Kitty Horrorshow, even if I wish that the time I spent in it was a bit longer.

The living basalt and the worked
you were brought to this altar, and now you'll make a choice

An absolutely beautiful experience that just adds to my personal dislike of the stigma against "walking simulators". Simply fantastic.

Permutation Racer is an experimental, endless racing game, exploring the procedural construction of space
3D puzzle game

I'm not going to lie: I'm too stupid to finish this. Somehow it's incredibly relaxing, though.


Well, OK, this kind of breaks the "8/10+-worthy stuff only" rule I set for this collection, but the only reason this doesn't reach that height for me is because it only lasts for a few minutes. It's a really fucking fun few minutes, though, so, hey, I'll mention it anyway.

Save your sister

It's Porpentine's writing attached to a 3D environment. You know that this is going to be good.

An innovative and addictive naked spaceman arcade adventure with mystery and intrigue in all the right places.

Adorable and addicting (though challenging. Prepare to die a lot). Really took me by surprise in a great way.

You're applying for the job of their dreams.

Not much more to this one than simply listening to dream logs and removing the occasional corruption, but the atmosphere's great and it looks gorgeous.

Jump, Hover, Explore!

Really relaxing and atmospheric 3D platformer with a desolate-looking cityscape to traverse through with your jetpack-equipped mechsuit.

The miserable journey of a broken man... (DRM-free + Steam key)
Role Playing

Simultaneously darkly hilarious and soul-crushing. An absolutely incredible experience that's seriously worth going through.