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My Game Jam Entries

a collection by LebbyFoxx · last updated 2021-04-20 15:01:05
Added 55 days ago by LebbyFoxx
Added Oct 24, 2020 by LebbyFoxx

How long can you seize the day for while you are surrounded by distractions in Carpe Annoyem!

Added Feb 01, 2020 by LebbyFoxx

Navigate your way through various mazes to the golden square to keep the balance of the universe in 'Righteous Path'! Play as either Justice or Chaos with a friend and see who wins!

Added Jan 20, 2020 by LebbyFoxx

Use the 'buggy' jump mechanic to your advantage and beat the levels of 'JumpStuck'!

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Added Jan 12, 2020 by LebbyFoxx

Dodge the shuriken and try to survive in 'Shurievade'!

Added Jun 04, 2019 by LebbyFoxx

Connect with each other in this 2 player split-screen game of tag called 'Conjoinect'!

Added Mar 04, 2019 by LebbyFoxx

Cycle around the planet and dodge Green Meteors in Sataturn!

Added Feb 21, 2019 by LebbyFoxx

Jump and conquer the darkness of loneliness and fear to find your love! This title was made for Brackeys game jam, and it is a platformer.

- Caleb (LebbyFoxx)

 © 2019 Caleb William Phillips

Added Feb 16, 2019 by LebbyFoxx

Navigate your way through the maze and purify the heart in my new title Kupid Vein! Try not to touch the solid walls, move the clots and find the quickest way to the heart! 

Added Feb 04, 2019 by LebbyFoxx

'Present' Arms! is a game about presenting arms to a present, so he can present arms! Customise the present soldier with the various options, or play the two player shooter minigame!

Added Feb 04, 2019 by LebbyFoxx

This is a collection of games that I created for game jams. Overtime this may be updated, and will contain all of the weird, bad and interesting things that I have put together. Regardless of time or quality, these games are free and ready. Have fun diving into my collection of chaos! 

Note: This text is written on the first game entry in this collection, from my first published game in my first game jam, just so you know what I am talking about! 

- Caleb W. 'LebbyFoxx' Phillips

Pebblet is a game about a drop of water that must dodge pebbles in order to survive.