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a collection by Lothlen · last updated 2020-10-31 15:49:25
A horror/fantasy visual novel about a wanderer, a priestess, and a monster.
Visual Novel
Chasing Jack the Ripper! A BL Visual Novel
Visual Novel
Xoo: Xeno Xafari is a new style of collecting RPG. Wander a beautiful, deserted island and search for alien creatures!
game spaces + architecture
BL dating sim with reversible roles. Explore town, pursues 5+ guys and build career as a voice actor.
Visual Novel
"All I feel is numbing cold...But I think I'm used to it."
Visual Novel
a sad mech game to play while coding
Unravel a real CIA conspiracy
Two Dogs, One Woman, All Fluff
Visual Novel
You are a homeless extraterrestrial living in a futuristic version of Japan.
Role Playing
Uncover a watercolour fantasy adventure.
Role Playing
A visual novel of horror and exploration.
Visual Novel
A Victorian fantasy lesbian romance, set in a boarding school for women who are not quite as human as they once were.
Visual Novel
Do we really know each other?
Now, here's a yarn.
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
A short story about a young witch receiving xyr familiar.
Short romance comic about a dog and wolf~
A comic about the creation of the world~
Two witches create a spell to save a dying forest~ NSFW
A comic about space babes by Anna Anthropy and Solomon Fletcher~
NSFW furry comic about friends smooching~
How To Design Games That Are Personal, Political, And Profound
A short comic about some friends, an unimportant story, and robots that look just like you.
A story about admiration.
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