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Legit Good Christmas Games to Get You In the Holiday Spirit

a collection by B. Zolaire · last updated 2018-12-21 09:43:24
Break the smaller presents to get to the golden one! Hit the lid for instant victory!
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Breakout mechanics are always fun, and the illustrations are quite charming.

Naughty Present is a game about a... Present :D

Chaotic and very well-polished. The dark souls of christmas platforming

Very easy to understand and fun mechanics

A fast-paced adrenaline-filled new Christmas classic

Ah yes, this whole game is a MOOD

I got you a present!

This game is an escape room.

Stroll down memory lane on Christmas Eve.
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This game captures a lot of the types of sadder emotions and moods that come up around Christmas---and the music is very head-bopping as well.

Stealth game. Extra credits holiday jam entry (December 2018).

Don't let the unpolished cover art fool you. This game is hilariously funny and very amusing.