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music stuff

a collection by leafo · last updated 2023-05-19 06:19:05
Gameboy-inspired chiptune VST3 synth plugin
A music sequencing toy in PICO-8
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A music game that lets you play your real guitar/bass
A chiptune music tracker featuring an envelope-based instrument editor for making your own 8-bit sounds.
Modular Audio Synthesizer
Musical typewriter; code language for creating chiptunes
Create insane visualization experiments with music and 3d models!
music composition tool
Kick sampler plugin typically used for Hardstyle.
OPL3/FM Music Tracker for Mac and Windows
a probabilistic melody generator inspired by analog sequencers
Distortion VST plugin, like Logic's Clip Distortion. Great for Hardstyle!
generate sound from very small programs
Particle visuals in space
A fakebit tracker for creating music and sfx.
A beginning of new era for audiovisual pleasure. (2016)
A Study in Procedural Generation and Generative Music
A minimalist watercolour loop sequencer with generative text prompts.
A simple music sequencer tool funded by the Iowa City Public Library!
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Eat cheese with family
Make your own ambient music on a mountaintop.
A free, easy to use tool for creating music!
Music-making tool to play instruments in Duck Game
A Visual Instrument
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VST&AU Effects by Davi Santos