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Chronological Release Order

Our games, listed in chronological release order, with the oldest game first. For games that didn't release in 1.0 first, we use the 1.0 release date and not its initial release date.

Plan the perfect birthday party! Scavenge for foods, collect goods, and give the President the best party ever!
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First release: 2015-09-13

Join two lesbian revolutionaries on their quest to restore peace to their fallen nation.
Visual Novel

v1.0 release: 2015-11-25

First release: 2015-11-07

Scavenge a deserted alien planet for its cultural relics in this spooky exploration game.

First release: 2016-04-18

Grab your bronze weapons and guide Odysseus’ high-maintenance crew through a dangerous island in this strategic RPG.
Role Playing

v1.0 release: 2017-03-27

First release: 2017-03-29

Step up to the plate and find out... 🙃

First release: 2018-02-13

You make multiple astral projections, duh!
Visual Novel
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v1.0 release: 2019-01-30

First release: 2018-12-16

It started with a muted cacophony in the outer banks.
Interactive Fiction
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First release: 2019-07-24

A farmgirl and her unamenable chickens need your help!
Visual Novel
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First release: 2020-05-16

Roadtrip across the universe and create the most delicious jam!
Visual Novel

First release: 2020-08-01

Command the Tea Princesses to victory over the Coffee Empire in this adorable Strategy RPG!

v1.0 release: 2021-07-30

First release: 2019-11-03

There is a Bundesclown. Please defeat it.
Role Playing

First release: 2022-12-05

Finish work in 20 seconds to go on a date... or else!

First release: 2023-11-27

><(((º> ♥ ><(((º> ♥ ><(((º>
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First release: 2024-04-08