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a collection by Smutty · last updated 2019-06-13 09:03:51
You never know what could happen during a night out...
A fluffy, soft, 15k word romance, containing exactly what's on the label.
A short tail of a very sleepy tech support gal becoming a very sleepy cat gal
R-18 Artbook of Erotic and Cute Monster Girls
A novella written in twine, about what we think we need to be what we want, and what we become when given just that.
A short story about villains, magic, and gender (slightly)
A short story about dolls, and funny feelings about gender
A young trans girl finds herself the "victim" of a cuteness curse, with some beastial effects!
an illustrated TF story
Morphological Monster Manual - illustrated TF short story compilation
a TF story by Abe E Seedy, illustrated by Angrboda
(But Instead I Moved In with Her and Joined a Punk Band)
A queer light novel about healing, new beginnings, finding and forming chosen family, transition and choices.
an illustrated TF story
A PWYW TG/TF story in the Zone universe
A PWYW short story in the Zone universe
the art of Angrboda
Shortcuts - TF Short Story Compilation
A story of change, sisterhood, and how Substitute Familiar's number one magical girl got her start.
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