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Great Games I Love

a collection by Joe Chessum · last updated 2017-05-12 20:32:25
posted 2016-05-10T12:01:41 by Joe Chessum

Vlambeer are awesome. This game is awesome. YV!

posted 2016-05-10T12:00:37 by Joe Chessum

Vlambeer are a massive inspiration to me and Nuclear Throne is awesome game that brings together everything that makes them great.

posted 2016-05-10T11:57:57 by Joe Chessum

Definitely worth your time. Simple presentation used to great effect. Adam Saltsman showing why he is a great designer.

posted 2016-05-10T11:56:05 by Joe Chessum

Some of the best humor to ever grace the media of video games.

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posted 2016-04-15T14:29:12 by Joe Chessum
posted 2016-02-04T20:05:16 by Joe Chessum

A short & sweet game that tells an awesome story with simple and aesthetically vignettes. Plus Brendon Chung is my idol haha