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a collection by dos · last updated 2019-10-27 13:40:40

Games made just by me.

there are too many cookies (0h Game Jam 2019)
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Bob was a square. (Slavic Game Jam 2019)
SUPER. SMOG. (PGG JAM: All Play - Accessibility Vol. 3)
An SMS game on a teletext page (Warsaw Film School Game Jam 4)
just spray it (0h Game Jam 2018)
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Save the world from manipulation on Fejsbug™ (Edukaton - "Pół prawdy to całe kłamstwo")
dos says

Logo and voice over by Agata Nawrot

As the title says. In VR (or not)! (Disco:VR Game Jam)
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dos says

Logo by Agata Nawrot

Time is changing. Don't let it. Break as many time-changing clocks as you can! (0h Game Jam 2017)
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Finishing greatly. (Nomad Game Jam)
Sell boiled corn on a beach (Nomad Game Jam)
Unleash the rage. (Nomad Game Jam)
You are the door. Get the people through you. (Nomad Game Jam)
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DRAAAGOOON (Nomad Game Jam) [unfinished prototype]
You are the hurdle (Gamedev.js Game Jam)
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Dance dance dance, but don't let other dancers violate your personal space! (1 hour game workshop)
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A game where you just attend your standard, typical game jam. (Sensei Game Jam 2016)
dos says was solo, unless you count 23 jammers starring as fighting characters as team members :D

Push your Pendolino to arrive to a game jam on time! (Huginn Train Jam)
Duckopocalypse! Game played with one button per player (PGG Jam - ALL PLAY: Accessibility)
dos says

Guest kwacking performance by entire game jam!

The most innovative nothing I've played in years! (Huuuge Game Jam 2016)
Make skateboard tricks to get candies! (0h Game Jam 2016 / PolygonJam #2)
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Become Sos who bounces Sos' head in the warm light of sweet Sos sun! (SosJam at PGA 2016)
dos says

Guest music performance by themorfeus and Threef

Be a detective on a case of finding love (Warsaw Film School Game Jam)
Help Dr. Sauce go back to the future by using ancient technology! (Ludum Dare 36 Jam)
Ensure that the computer is fine! Based on real events from Slavic Game Jam 2016
Teenage Modem User Simulator (Slavic Game Jam 2016)
A two player game where all's fair. (Ludum Dare 34 Compo)
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Two button controls. Joke entry for Ludum Dare 34 Jam.
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Send Internet Explorer back in time! (0h Game Jam 2015)
Save the kids with fun! (Ludum Dare 33 Jam)
Even the pipes are scared! (Ludum Dare 33 joke entry)
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