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Moosadee things for Conlangers

a collection by Moosadee · last updated 2021-07-08 04:39:55

Do you like Esperanto? Ido? Láadan? Toki Pona? Then these games & apps are for you!

An entertainment zine for Láadan enthusiasts
An entertainment zine for Esperanto speakers
Embark on a quest to learn a new tongue
Conlang reference app - Dictionary, flash cards, and mini-comics for the Toki Pona constructed language
Conlang reference app - Dictionary and reference material for the Láadan language
Conlang reference app - A dictionary & reference app for the constructed language Ido
Mini-game collection for studying languages!
Neniu ŝatas je Steleto! :(
Uragano kaj amikoj!

Whether it's Esperanto, Ido, Toki Pona, or Láadan, these comics & games are for you, dear Conlanger!