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OSMT Zines, Doujins , Anthologies, etc.

a collection by Marie · last updated 2019-01-12 03:03:06

OSMT-related content on!

Contains both non-BLMatsu and BLMatsu, your settings should hide anything NSFW if you have the option turned off, otherwise be careful when navigating as a lot of these zines are BL-friendly and will contain some, though sometimes it's advised before-hand and separated from platonic/sfw content.


"Curator": Marie@DameMameTane

(Eventually) more curated content and guides, including released fanworks @MatsunoArchives

A zine for the pairing Jyushimatsu x Kanojo/Homura/Homerun-chan
Our second 110Matsu Zine!
A parka zine in time for Parka day
Osomatsu x Tougou Doujinshi
An Osomatsu x Choromatsu Anthology
Marie says

good ichi prime nut ripe from the nut tree 10/10

A zine celebrating Todomatsu, the 6th brother of the Matsuno family (Osomatsu-san fanzine)
osomatsu-san religion AU fanzine
An osomatsu-san fanzine based around fairytale au's