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cute trans erotica

a collection by nadia nova 路 last updated 2020-06-10 20:03:18
Embrace the sapphic Blood Pact once more
Interactive Fiction

such a well polished and professional looking piece! getting treated like trash by a loving succubus is def a dream come true! oh gosh i feel honored to be part of the inspiration that made this to be u_u

A small BDSM choose-your-own-adventure where "no" is an answer and every path leads to cuddles. New PT-BR translation!
Interactive Fiction
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cute and sexy are the best combination ever! CYOA trans smut abt bdsm, consent and just the pure joy of being played with. <3  also comes with an option of picking your genitals! how awesome is that!

An 18+ furry domination and submission twine.

the hottest lady with the hottest big dick has her eye on you. various kinks and options to pick an incredibly horny experience! 馃槝

A cyberpunk porn game
Visual Novel

all around magnificent and incredibly HORNY 馃槏 the art is absolutely amazing!! also character customization??!! 

day in the life of laina and pisti, two trans girls dating and living together

cute and real comic about sexwork & dysphoria and still really wanting to suck a girls dick after all that 馃挄

two lesbian trans girls end up living together...
Interactive Fiction
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intimate, honest and lovely sexual acts between a new pair of transbians getting to know each other 馃挒

cute smut abt a transgirl who likes being bullied
Interactive Fiction
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casual hookup queers get it on all kinky! kinda intense sexual acts yet ofc also totally consensual 馃挀