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Interactive visual novel about russian tales
A short zine I made about contemplating presence in one's body and gender
"Make a horror zine that is a metaphor for paint deterioration."
a comic about two friends eating macarons
A D20 Neverafter zine for the 2023 D20 zine jam
Can you prove you exist in a world of imagination?
yoocroft minizine (mild Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint spoilers)
a typical gender zine
a comic about what i would say to my past self
A short zine made at an UntoldPages workshop reguarding the relation to ones body through BDSM and genetic memory.
A brief glimpse into the lives of a few peculiar monster/human families
A comic about concept art, sci-fi clichés, art history, and a meme-ified character of legend.
This guide was thought for human adventurers from denser dimensions
Lose yourself to the infinite abyss
Designs & character narratives that speak to my gender experience and expression
Devour angels and wake up tired.
In 2019 I moved to Alberta and a painting professor confided in me that paintings of horses are boring. I disagree.
2 zines about the relationship of Sam Nightingale and Penelope Everpetal, from Dimension 20’s ‘The Seven’.
A reflection on belief and not knowing
On the day that I feel like a star from the sky...
A tell-all comic of the glitz and glamour of top-surgery: the doctor’s visits, the paperwork... the drainage tubes.
A short comic about purpose and plants
A comic about love, monsters, and cultural anxieties.
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