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Games I enjoy: Early but Promising

a collection by Qazm · last updated 2024-01-05 09:33:00
Visual Novel
Added 53 days ago by Qazm

This VN is cozy (in a deep way). It's also very, very polished and has great writing so far, so there's definitely a focus on quality over quantity here. However, there is not much progress along the main story yet.

Updates seem to alternate between main story and (very explicit, equally well-made) Extras that are more or less directly related to it, but there does not appear to be a schedule for them.

Added 53 days ago by Qazm

An innovative action RPG that pushes the boundaries of RPG Maker scripting. This demo is mainly a gameplay test and teaser, but a very polished one with high-quality art and multiple scenes.

Note that this currently requires a mouse and keyboard to play.

Visual Novel
Added 53 days ago by Qazm

This VN is short so far, but has a very strong start in terms of narrative and world.

It also graciously avoids info-dumping as part of the dialogue, instead giving you the option to read more about the world at your own pace and leisure.