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Post Art - Post Effects Collection

a collection by Null Tale · last updated 2024-03-29 06:16:37

A project conceived to develop drawing technique and theme combining arts with post effects.

The effects are combined in a collection to draw attention to post effects that are not known to exist, mixing them with more popular ones and visually decorate them with arts.

It's an attempt to link effects to each other in such a way that they can be added to over time and visually demonstrated, linking them to something bigger.

Variable Ascii shader for Unity Urp
Pattern Dithering effect for Unity Urp
Versatile Pixelation effect for Unity Urp
Vhs effect for Unity Urp
Flexible Old Movie effect for Unity Urp
Gradient colorizer for Unity Urp
Experimental Screen Outline effect for 2D
Old School Image Flow Effect for Unity Urp