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Games I Contributed To Making

a collection by SmashArtist · last updated 2020-07-09 19:28:43

Read the blurbs for more details on who did what!

Added 77 days ago by SmashArtist

Natsu: Bug Buster was a two week project about a bug exterminating frog that weilds a katana made for the Pixel Game Maker MV - Summer Jam 2020.

I had an amazing teammate granola boy who did all of the logic, as well as helped with the visuals while I made Natsu's animations as well as some of the enemies.

Role Playing
Added Jan 30, 2019 by SmashArtist

This game from JtheDuelist is a remake of the 3DS version made with RPG Maker FES, check out the game page for more info!

What did I do?

Helped make the title screen art, title art, and some bust artwork for the main characters!

Added Sep 02, 2018 by SmashArtist

A short game created in two days with a team of four.

What did I do?

I helped create the character's sprite art, along with help from...

  • Le Don - Programming
  • Kmspirit - Environment Art
  • Jozzua Lance - Music and Sound Effects

Plus with assistance from Novoretro.