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Great zines

a collection by herediteary · last updated 2024-02-29 09:48:00
A zine based on the They Might Be Giants song "Kiss Me, Son of God"
A ZINE in connotation with HS Ansbach.
A zine of images created mostly by me, and a friend.
Assorted collages
A mini zine to remind you the brain does weird stuff & it means very little
We'll find out where we're going.
100% Offishal UGS Coloring Book 2020
a floral zine
a yearly-ish periodical zine
A 27 Page Horror Zine in PDF Format
A free original digital zine illustrating the dreams and stories our fountain pens have lived 🖋️✨
In 2019 I moved to Alberta and a painting professor confided in me that paintings of horses are boring. I disagree.
Rest Indeed PEOW, 2012-2022
a mini zine about soothing, in-between spaces
An 8 page, printable zine with zine making guide.
there is no indefinite growth
a short & messy comic about life in post-slime europe
so you had a bad day
Have you ever had a dream about losing all your teeth?
A Sappho Minicomic Collection
A zine about mental health.
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