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Harrowed World

Step into Harrowed World, a dark and twisted version of our world where the supernatural exists just below the surface. Vampires, magical folk, and other beings exist in a constant struggle for power and influence. Through sinister cabals and insatiable corporate empires these creatures hold sway over human society. Ordinary people live in blissful ignorance of the dark forces at work around them. Follow these supernatural beings through a grim dystopian atmosphere filled with gothic horror and a tangled web of morality where peril lurks around every corner. It's time to believe in monsters.

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Role Playing
Added Oct 14, 2023 by Pennyvale Media

Get ready to unleash your inner vampire! Harrowed World: Portents In Red (Working Title: Project Nightowl) is a single player RPG video game currently in development set inside the Harrowed World setting.  

As a newly turned vampire, you'll discover the intricate web of power struggles and deadly rivalries that govern vampire society, where danger is everywhere, and trust is a rare commodity. Uncover the force that has awoken under the island while keeping your true nature hidden from the unsuspecting mortals around you.

Visual Novel
Added Oct 14, 2023 by Pennyvale Media

Delve into the chilling narrative of 'Harrowed World: Wormwood Rising,' a haunting story penned by author Alex Burton. Within its depths, you'll uncover a spellbinding exploration of fear, guilt, and the enchantment of magic, all meticulously reimagined as a gothic-style 'kinetic' visual novel.  

Within the confines of a kinetic novel, you are a passive observer, akin to a reader lost in the pages of a classic novel. Here, the story springs to life through haunting melodies, immersive dialogue, and captivating artwork that breathes vitality into its characters and the eerie world they inhabit.

Estelle Robinson is a starving artist trying to make a living from her art despite her parents’ disapproval. ‘Wormwood Rising’ is her latest piece, based on a recurring dream she has been having but she’s about to learn there’s more to this dream than meets the eye. Her life changes forever after meeting a mysterious stranger, the caretaker of the art gallery that is trying to sell her painting. Will she embrace the spark inside herself, and will it burn her to do so?