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Games I've contributed to

a collection by Dorblin7z7 · last updated 2019-08-04 19:01:16
Keep dogs moving and earn some treats!
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Get those dogs on the move!

ld44 life is currency - blood mage car fueled by blood
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Blood-boiling racing action!

Colorful Circles!
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ld42 running out of space - adopt out dogs at a no kill shelter

My best game yet - really proud that we executed things as we planned!

ld41 incompatible themes - skeleboys vs astroboys

Bit off more than we could chew on this one. Cool aesthetic though! Learned to scope back a bit in future projects.

ld40 the more you have the worse it is - roborally and snake

A challenging puzzle game that was a great team effort. Something I might revisit in the future!

ld39 running out of power - jonesing for your battery fix

First foray into 3D. Might look lacking but I'm really proud of it considering the leap to a new dimension!

ld38 a small world - "it's not personal"
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Danny really nailed the aesthetic on this one, but game-play could use some work. Way too difficult to play but really fun and a cohesive experience.

ld37 one room - oh no spooky ghostmeleons
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Simple 'puzzle' game, another great learning experience

vanjam 2016 - eggsnatcher
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One of my favorite jams, this early game shows a huge amount of progress but needs a lot of work!

ld35 shapeshifting - you are a misshapen square

My first jam, and a huge lesson about scope and difficulty. The song/artwork is all that this game has going for it...

UP-Jam 2017 Submission

Quick, one-day solo project when I was leading a student Game Jam.