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Projects I worked on

a collection by fricochet · last updated 2018-09-16 17:52:28
Added Sep 15, 2018 by fricochet

An entry for a Famicom-inspired game jam that I made.

I kinda liked how the soundtrack and the chill mode mechanic worked out. And some of the GUI isn't that bad.

But overall it's rather unpolished since I did everything in way too little time...and I'm not particularly good with many things. Especially the graphics. Many elements of the game could obviously be improved but  most bugs should be fixed now and the game is fully playable - at least I reached the end multiple times without any issues.

There were maaaaaaaany more ideas and plans for this game, as the first concept was "Oregon Trail, but with less dysentery and more chill." But as the deadline approached, it became clear that those ambitions had to be reduced to a minimum.

Working on it was stressful, but I think I learned a lot about getting priorities straight for future projects. And it certainly was a lesson in humbleness...I've still got a long way to go!

Added Sep 16, 2018 by fricochet

Working on the soundtrack for Paradise Road Trip was my favorite part of the jam!

The OST contains five short little songs that were composed to sound pleasing whether they are played at 100% or 50% speed. Again, the soundtrack is free to download.

There are also many songs that I worked on during the jam that didn't make the cut, but that doesn't mean they won't be released sometime...

Visual Novel
Added Aug 02, 2018 by fricochet

The prologue to Egoholic that was released for the Yaoi Game Jam in July 2018. I had to work on a tighter schedule, since the deadline was looming, but I'm satisfied with the results. The Café Esmeralda theme and the Rubicon Theme from the Egoholic Demo make a comeback in a refined version, but other than that, all tracks are completely new.

The soundtrack is pretty much dominated by jazzy tunes reminiscent of 1940's noir movies - it's a b/w detective story, after all! However, some tracks show a strong influence from classic rock, classical music and even noise genres.

On a more technical note, I made sure that all the tracks feature a seamless loop, which took me a while to figure out, but greatly improved their usability as background music.

If you're curious: the soundtrack is completely free to download on my page, so give it a try if you like.

Visual Novel
Added Aug 02, 2018 by fricochet

The first game/VN I was asked to compose for. Mostly classical/baroque-inspired tracks with a little bit of jazz, folk and world music here and there. I also designed some of the sound effects, to be precise: the doorbell of the book store and the menu sounds.

There are a lot of things that I would do differently now, so the soundtrack will definitely be reworked for the full version.