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Tornadoes, Glitch Camera, Holy Rollers, Cruelty Squad, Radar

We're back and weird as ever. Issue 4 looks at climate change, reading storm radar, and chasing tornadoes online. Next, a feature by Alex Patrón on the Holy Rollers cult of Oregon. We also grabbed BPMC's Paup Eye glitch camera, and took it out for a spin shooting the West's many landscapes. Plus, we play through our 2021 GOTY, Cruelty Squad.

Airdorf, Paratopic, Fulci, /x/, and Halloween.

As we headed into fall, for Issue 3, we interviewed AIRDORF and JESSICA HARVEY of ARBITRARY METRIC, and briefly surveyed the blooming Indie Horror Game scene. Roman Fruehan is also on hand, to do a deep dive into the Italian Film Maestro Lucio Fulci's long and varied horror filmography.

Vaperror, Electronicon, Poetry, Datagirl, and Flying Bank Robbers.

In the long-awaited Issue 2, we interview VAPERROR and DATAGIRL, and reflect on the experience of attending 100% Electronicon 2. In a first, we also feature a poem from a contributor, "Black Market Memory", by Sara Goodman.

Vaporwave, Video Glitching, and the Battle of Los Angeles.

Aerial invaders terrorize Los Angeles, video is glitched into new dimensions, and we celebrate 100% ElectroniCON 1 & 2 by giving an overview of vaporwave. Plus, our favorite vaporwave albums, and an interview with DMT Tapes FL about their role as vaporwave's most prolific label.