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kiyoura's Collection

a collection by kiyoura · last updated 2018-07-02 05:27:22
A retro-styled 3D vector shooter, wrapped around the inside of a sphere.
When love has a way of finding you...
Visual Novel
A short 3rd-person exploration game about a fox and a family.
A beautifully-polished dungeon crawler inspired by classic 16-bit RPGs!
Role Playing
Adapted from the classic Victorian novel
Visual Novel
Fast-paced single-player racing game.
Guide Serena S through 7 stages of shmup action, jumping, shooting, and yet decidedly more jumping and shooting.
A lighthearted hybrid of a point-and-click adventure and a metroidvania platformer.
Cute girls do cute things and eat cute food (cutely).
Visual Novel
A romance story sans the romance, set in the snowy Japanese mountains.
Visual Novel
An older man and a young girl discuss love, life, and the pros and cons of suicide.
Visual Novel
Gloomy schoolgirls based on genderswapped poets have unfulfilling romances.
Visual Novel