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johnster2222's Collection

The ultimate version of Baldi's Basics Classic!

A remastered, ultimate version of Baldi's Basics Classic created by mystman12 for the game's 3 year anniversary!

Experience randomly generated chaos!

The full game of Baldi's Basics!

The Sequel To Baldi's Fun New School PLUS More!

The sequel to Baldi's Fun New School!

A "map pack" (not really...) for Baldi's Basics Classic, with tons of new things.

A good baldi mod from Saintza! 

Try out three Baldi's Basics challenge maps in this new demo of Baldi's Basics Plus!

The second public demo for the Baldi's Basics full game, which has some pretty crazy challenges!

Open Source Available! Lost Dev. Builds Found! Remastered Version Released!

This was my first baldi mod to use a fully custom map, built from scratch!

He's Back.