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Süper Mega Game Pack 2018

Game Design // UE Berlin proudly presents the Süper Mega Game Pack 2018!

Süper Mega Game Pack 2018 is a collection of nine of the greatest games created by our Game Design students. The collection was chosen by a jury of lecturers, professors and student representatives.

The presented games were created during one of the last two semesters (winter semester 2017/18 and summer semester 2018) in Berlin and were supervised by : 

  • Prof. Csongor Baranyai
  • Prof. Sebastian Stamm
  • Dr. Sabine Harrer
  • Jörg Friedrich
Infinite Tunnel Racer Game
Ein kleines narratives Spiel bei dem man sein Dorf auf eine unkonventionelle Art und Weise glücklich macht.
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Role Playing
Explore Crop Arcade with your healthy friends!
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Abstract Puzzle Game inspired by M. C. Escher
A gruesome tale spun from a classical fairy tale. Discover what happened on this mission ship.
Interactive Fiction
Atmospheric Horror Walking Simulator
  • Supervised by: Jörg Friedrich
  • Course: Congratulations! It's a Game
  • Winter Semester 2017/18
A first person narrative driven detective game.
  • Supervised by: Jörg Friedrich
  • Course: You are on an island
  • Summer Semester 2018