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CH Parallax 2018 - Unity games

A collection showcasing games made with Unity that explore different aesthetic, playful and technical possibilities of the tool. Dreamy sunny landscapes, reflex-based arcade games, playable flowcharts, generative dialogue dating simulators, narrative vignettes and retro royalty simulators. The goal is to explore the tool's possibilities in a variety of game genres, with a focus on experimental and smaller scope games. The list is also focused on games that were either created during game jams or have very different ideas of scope and polish than more mainstream games.  

Created for the Critical Hit Parallax 2018 event.

A walk among ruins

Dreamy sunny landscapes with a combination of lo-fi textures and low-poly visuals.

Build a socialist utopia out of the ashes of late capitalism
Play in browser

A simulation that looks more like a puzzle / diorama.

Play as the spirit of capitalism, and keep the system from teetering into crisis.

An interactive flowchart game with interesting implications about views on society and macro-economics.

A romantic evening of speed dating

Simple game with a nice atmosphere, interesting dialogue and good humour.

A relaxing 'endless runner' atop a Möbius strip.

A polished runner game with an interesting art style.

An arcade game about chase and elusion.

A very minimalistic arcade game.

an optimistic peasant simulator

A lo-fi retro game with simple and deep systems, supporting different playstyles.

​Prepare yourself for an interactive sensory journey unlike anything you've ever played before.

This is a great interactive exploration of landscapes and music that is generated and remixed by players inputs.

A planetary music sequencer

A playful musical sequencerwith a different metaphor.

Your sword grows after each kill

A jam game with simple rules and nice polish.

About the joy of crossing a finish line, dancing around, having a blast, feeling the bliss.

A short fun game with an interesting premise.

It's the season for penny buns, Grandma forced you to come along a bit. But deep down you know it'll do you good.
Visual Novel

Beautiful art style that furthers the narrative about the characters relationship with their grandmother.