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Procedural texture generator
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Library of tools and helpers for haxeflixel
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Easily create 3D grid-based, voxel-style RPGs and adventure games!
8Bit / PixelArt converter for images & videos
A fantasy console made for the Fantasy Console Dev Jam 2017
8-bit Fantasy Console
a simple command-line tool convert various 2D tile map formats to fantasy console.
This is a fantasy console WIP. It is very bare bones and currently cannot run code, but at least it works :)
Fakebit chiptune tracker
Automatic screen capture tool designed for GameMaker users.
A fantasy game console designed for making fun 8-bit games.
Paint of Persia is a rotoscoping pixel-art tool
Python programming toolkit for generating and manipulating 3D geometry from code
Creates a mesh with wave animation
A free, easy to use tool for creating music!
2D retro grapics engine with true raster effects for creating 8/16 bit style games
A lua fantasy computer
tiny computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games
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Make little games, worlds, and stories! (No coding required.)
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A Blender 3D add-on for CSG style level creation inspired by old-school level editors like Unreal 1&2 and DoomEd.
node-based conversation tool for games
A tileset generator
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A Blender add-on for building tile based low-poly scenes with paint/map editor like tools
A procedural city generator with sheeps and market place!
Design, generate, & export low-poly props
Animated sprite editor & pixel art tool
The HTML5 2D+3D game maker. Open source and collaborative.
A tool for analyzing and visualizing the state space of puzzles.
The 3D Scenes Procedural Engine
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