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Shadowdark RPG

A one-page encounter for Shadowdark RPG
A Mystical Martial Artist Class for Shadowdark RPG
A valentines-themed supplement for Shadowdark featuring a new class, boss monster, and backgrounds!
This is a full set of expanded rules for Shadowdark Overland Travel. With this supplement.
Fun monsters of the same ancestry. Have an adventure against a faction of monsters and not get bored!
One-shot adventures compatible with ShadowDark RPG
Masters of the alchemical arts and brewing for practical applications with a knack for slinging potions and concoctions
Retro Shadowdark Character Sheets
"All hope abandon, ye who enter in!" - Sequel to the Gauntlet Adventure - Escape the Underdark
A Shadowdark RPG Adventure
Hex grid for ShadowDark Overland Hex Maps
A noble race of humanoid ducks who live for glory, prestigious quests and great stories.
A Shadowdark adventure of level 3 for 4-5 players
Gentle's Dungeon Guide 2 improves and refines modern dungeon design principles into one condensed checklist.
More kobold stat blocks for the Shadowdark RPG.
An Optional Class for Shadowdark RPG
An Optional Class for Shadowdark RPG
A quick reference for building monsters for Shadowdark RPG
Adventure for Shadowdark, level 3-5 crawlers
A grotesque spellbook for Shadowdark RPG / OSR
Conversion guide for running Hot Springs Island in Shadowdark or Old School Essentials
A one-page mini dungeon for Shadowdark RPG
A Word file with all the stylings you need for a clean Shadowdark layout!
Become a half-feral adventurer with the ability to transform into the beast.
2nd to 4th Level Adventure for ShadowDark RPG
A fey-themed supplement for Shadowdark RPG: ancestries, class, encounter table,spells, and monsters
Guide for converting Crater of the Flaying Star from 5E to Shadowdark
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