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Other Games / Tools / Misc

a collection by TangentFox · last updated 2018-05-25 19:58:07

Other games, tools, toys, assets, and miscellaneous items.

What's on your mind?
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Created for Twiny Jam (create a Twine game w 300 words or less).

A font for very very small text.

A font created for primarily for personal use in LOWREZJAM.

Like GameBoy's GTA, except you fight with cards!
Role Playing

Created for Ludum Dare #32: An Unconventional Weapon

An async web-based MUD. Created for Ludum Dare 39.
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My first multiplayer game, an experiment about a user-generated multi-user dungeon.


Created for the 155th One Hour Game Jam with the theme Random Access Memory. Unfortunately only an echo of the idea it intended to be.

Draw. Nothing lasts.

Made while depressed, feeling like I was fading away. Nothing truly lasts forever.