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a collection by BambiTree · last updated 2024-01-17 23:29:04
called: "you got what you wanted, so why aren't you happy?"
A girl disguised as a newsboy uncovers a huge government secret--and this where it all began!
​Granblue Atelier is a for profit fashion zine featuring characters from Granblue Fantasy.
Tribute anthology for Vanillaware's 20th Anniversary
Over 40 consoles personified as Magical Senshi!
A short comic about a vampire and their sister. (2014)
76 pages of unreleased sketches you can't find anywhere else!
2022 Sketchbook Compilation
kairi kingdomhearts comic zine
vampires! vampires! vampires!
A school comedy comic... probably.
Concept art & assets used in We Know The Devil
Top-secret noblin information.
A Foolproof Guide to Monster Taming Vol 1 & 2
A definitive book about the first half-century of interactive fiction.
pygame programming book. Support pygame, and learn you some python, C and pygame.
PDF of sketches collected from 2020! 92pgs
Storyboard: An Original Comics Anthology
the tale of a lonely girl's quest for wisdom
A little manifesto with some random thoughts about what making games is to me
Booklet of unreleased game notes, sketches, and game endings
collection of digital art
An epistolary game for two players.
y'all keep talking about TTRPGS bein therapy but w no methodology let's fix that
A comic about hoping for a better world.
lawtsuda fancomic
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