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Added May 15, 2018 by Game Dev Alliance

Four young women awake in four different rooms, with no memories of how they got here in the first place. Follow their tribulations as they try to escape and to unveil the mystery surrounding their encounter.

Specimen Girl is a very promising project currently in development. Expect it to go big in the indie horror scene!

Added May 15, 2018 by Game Dev Alliance

Almost Heroic looks like any other retro J-RPG with a basic plot. Under its appearance, the game denounces common but harsh behaviours in videogames.

Made for Ludum Dare 33 and inspired by the theme "You are the Monster," this team project is the perfect example of what can happen when some of the best french creators work together.

Added May 15, 2018 by Game Dev Alliance

Millie is a young and very clumsy witch-in-training. When she tried to make her Mistress acknowledge her worth, she turned into a Bot-Volant by accident! This is quite a tricky situation, and she has to turn back on her own before the Great Witch comes back...

A cute little game made for RPG Maker Games in 1 Hour, then refined in this new version!