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Escada Games' Second Season

a collection by Delta Key · last updated 2018-05-11 01:20:26
Buy and sell potatoes across the universe!

After tons of experimental games, the Ludum Dare arrived and I thought to myself, "Hey, this is that big game jam! Let's join it!", and so I did, and after 48 hours of development, Cosmic Potato Trade Simulator was released.

 It is a mixture of shmup games and driving sims. You are a potato trader, as the name implies. And yes, it is a pretty... singular game. Not my favorite or most polished game, but it was cool to make.

 After ending Cosmic Potato Trader Simulator, Morning Suks finally returned to the team! Things to the other devs weren't going well -- they had, guess it, a gigantic scope, a scope that would put our entire Ladder 1 to shame --, so he came back, and so starts the Ladder 3.

A short and simple platformer.

 The jam's theme was "Slime", so I made just another slime platformer.

 I couldn't make nice graphics, and had no spectacular idea, but I wanted to practice game development, so I made a game with no ambition whatsoever. It ended up being very, very simple , just like the name. The main mechanic is that by walking, you jump as well, I guess.

A clicker with bees, pigeons, history lessons and critics to the gaming community.
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My second solo game, and what it is? A clicker game with lots of critiques to the society. Talk about experimental stuff!

 Being solo was very bad on lots of aspects, but if I had to point something nice on it, I wouldn't think twice when saying that it is great to be experimental on your games. I wanted to make a game where pigeons came out of Loot Boxes that you bought using money from a bee society, and so I did it!

Is the game good? Well, I think it is not -- it is pretty confusing, actually. But it was fun doing it, and there's tons of jokes in it. All of them are bad, but still, they are there.

A colorful platformer with a twist...

Giovanni's Climb is a damn weird game. I used lots of Tweens, and found some nice tricks to help on designing levels, but couldn't make a good looking walk cycle: it was impossible! My first solo game and I already miss having someone to do the sprites.

 It is a puzzle platformer with heavy emphasis on color. It is kind hard to explain, but it kinda works. Kinda. The execution... well, I didn't know how to do Level Design, so it is quite rough. But with some polish, it might end up being a lot better. Someday, maybe...