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Guided by Firelights

Sing O Muse, for you are all that remains.
Role Playing
Vivarium: explora, recuerda, revitaliza (explore, remember, revitalize). TTRPG Guided by Firelights
A solo journaling ttrpg about exploring the backcountry
A solo journaling game about navigating corporate bureaucracy
A Post-Doomsday Solo Roleplaying Game
​An evil spirit possessed an arcade. As the newly-sentient Hero find the missing game code pieces to stop the chaos.
Solo-RPG powered by Firelights SRD
Un juego de renacer entre sombras.
Role Playing
A solo/co-op game using the Guided by Firelights system
A Solo Journaling Game about the exploration of a strange facility full of experiments, secrets, and anomalies.
A solo RPG of exploration and hope.
A solo journaling game where you face demons who want to invade this world.
Epic Poem made Solo TTRPG, you are a half-god tearing through the most ferocious monsters of ancient greece.
A solo journaling game about embracing your past
Defeat the evil Ardus Kane and rescue Princess Shalyn!
A solo RPG, guided by Firelights and played with Uno cards
An exploration-focussed solo journaling TTRPG about restoring Spirit to the Wastes.
A pamphlet-sized game about survival against a nanomachine plague.
Whimsical medieval Solo TTRPG, where a young witch explore a magical and hazardous forest.
Um RPG de mesa solo/co-op de exploração de masmorras.
Looking for a magical escape from your everyday routine? ✨
A solo game about undertaking a coming-of-age journey through the ruins of humanity Guided by Firelights.
An Eousi Immortal seeks to reclaim an ancient home
You said anything is better than this. Did you really mean anything?
A Firelights hack about getting your stuff back in a bizarre world.
A solo cyberpunk RPG
Bring back heat to the world in this chilly Guided by Firelights game
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