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Guided by Firelights

Explore the world, fight the terrors, avoid danger to survive, and deliver your offerings to the hidden kingdoms.
A solo TTRPG. Play as a young vampire in a new city, searching for the magic to cure your maker.
Horrific medieval solo journaling TTRPG, with a witch protecting her forest against evil.
a solo pamphlet RPG of doomed gunslingers hunting for bounties, Guided by Firelights
Solo journaling game about a writer-for-hire traveling to help others
Solo low tactical journaling game of a warrior trying to escape a misty dark place
Sing O Muse, for you are all that remains.
Role Playing
Vivarium: explora, recuerda, revitaliza (explore, remember, revitalize). TTRPG Guided by Firelights
A solo journaling ttrpg about exploring the backcountry
A tongue-in-cheek solo journaling game about navigating corporate bureaucracy
A Post-Doomsday Solo Roleplaying Game
​An evil spirit possessed an arcade. As the newly-sentient Hero find the missing game code pieces to stop the chaos.
Solo-RPG powered by Firelights SRD
Un juego de renacer entre sombras.
Role Playing
A solo/co-op game using the Guided by Firelights system
A Solo Journaling Game about the exploration of a strange facility full of experiments, secrets, and anomalies.
A solo RPG of exploration and hope.
A solo journaling game where you face demons. | Un juego de diario en solitario donde enfrentas a demonios.
Epic Poem made Solo TTRPG, you are a half-god tearing through the most ferocious monsters of ancient greece.
A solo journaling game about embracing your past
Defeat the evil Ardus Kane and rescue Princess Shalyn!
A solo RPG, guided by Firelights and played with Uno cards
An exploration-focussed solo journaling TTRPG about restoring Spirit to the Wastes.
A pamphlet-sized solo game about survival against a nanomachine plague.
Whimsical medieval Solo TTRPG, where a young witch explore a magical and hazardous forest.
Um RPG de mesa solo/co-op de exploração de masmorras.
Looking for a magical escape from your everyday routine? ✨
A solo game about undertaking a coming-of-age journey through the ruins of humanity Guided by Firelights.
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