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a collection by Esper-nyan · last updated 2019-04-28 07:39:18
the tale of a lonely girl's quest for wisdom
a space goddess love story
The world's less scary when you're a monster.
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a Princess & her Knight travel through the woods.
Interactive Fiction
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I cried a lilttle when I was writing with this open in the background. More than when I played, actually, but I was being sentimental with the GF and writing some not-so-cheery paragraphs, so that's hardly a mark against this lovely... thing. 

I don't know what to call it, but it's good~

Join two lesbian revolutionaries on their quest to restore peace to their fallen nation.
Visual Novel
A metafictional VN about gay nuns in an abandoned church.
a young transgender woman goes to the hot springs.
Visual Novel
a short visual novel about a witch who fixes mishaps around town.
Visual Novel