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Voulez-vous roleplay avec moi?

a collection by Thomas Munier · last updated 2023-02-23 11:16:24

A collection of english-spoken contents for ttrpg and larps created by french-speaking people.

taleweaving loom
... a game of touch, trust and feeling for 2 animals or more
page of wuxia splendor
abyssal attraction
expressive mini-games & supplements
creature-generator drawing-game
Being a superhero in the wrong era [Solo game]
[EN/FR] 2 symbiotic characters, 1 block tower
A solo table-top game of spy thrills
A French indie game about French drama in French New Wave movies
A small dungeon
An eldritch space crawl
An art collecting clan of kobolds to insert into your dungeon
A small TTRPG about AIs parenting a human child in post-apocalyptic world.
A 8 page print at home mini zine featuring a character class for the B/X rule set.
Equipment tables for Macchiato Monsters inspired by post human science fiction comics and mangas
A role playing game by Mina Perrichon about the administrative nightmares of creatures of the night
Time stand stills, as things are about to change
A monastic "Carved from Brindlewood" game inspired by The Name of the Rose, Cadfael and other historical mysteries
A star-studded Ariana Grande vs David Boreanaz hack of "Jason Statham's Big Vacation"
a ttrpg to play with children
50% minimalist rpg 50% pictionary (english version)
français, english and japanese supplement for Sonja et Conan versus the Ninjas (by my son)
wild west extension of Sonja &Conan vs the Ninjas
a ttrpg to play adventure like in Pulp magazines and Z movies.
ttrpg to play in the darkness
Card-based rules for inter character drama in the Fifth Edition rules.
54 cards to create a fantasy plot. For use in writing, RPG prep, and improv'd story games.
Super simple A6 flyers using art by Tony DiTerlizzi
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