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Zine Idea Generator Gallery!

Zines inspired by a prompt from the ZC MAG Zine Idea Generator. Click the title to see all of the 90+ zines!

a procedurally generated zine about shoplifting
the mirror takes measure of you
A game of augury, for one player
A spectre is haunting our homes — the spectre of badly behaved cats
A zine about crimes in the UK
a small zine for the 2022 Zine Idea Generator Jam, about rats that i do not own <3
A zine about another life I could have lived
My prompt was "make a bare minimum zine that catalogs your favorite things about cannibalism"
the wellspring of song is the silence of souls.
a 16-page micro-mini zine about 8 desires that terrify me.
a lewd zine that eroticizes blasphemy
a zine of horrific musical instruments
Cheeky 0.5 ways to stop yourself and others from being bullied!
Zine about a chess piece
“Make a Grimoire Zine that Dreams About The Levels Of Hell In Dantes Inferno”
low effort zine
Things other than trauma
A diary zine that descends into unlikely animal friendship
a wordless zine that is a metaphor for guys named Geoff
A controversial zine that diagrams turning 30
A paper plane zine about my friends' favorite food
getting weird about fuits and vegetables
The truth behind the forms...
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