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Games Worth Checking Out

In the world of Mustland,each Ánima has a different soul & they will see,feel,hear & play the world in a different way!

I absoultely love this game. I have played this both off and on stream and can't get enough of it. I had the pleasure of speaking to the dev about this game, and the dev is also very nice and friendly. If you are looking for a puzzle platformer type game to keep your attention. This is a game for you to look into.

You are the Robin Hood, a medieval outlaw, reputed to steal the rich and helped the poor.

Prince of Thieves is a pretty straight forward game, that takes you back to the good ol days on NES games. The gameplay is fun and I love the Retro Style of the game. I can see myself getting lost in the game for hours at a time. I only played for about five minutes and stopped just to add this to my games worth checking out list. 

If you are looking for something to take you back to that old school 8-bit style this is most def a game for you.

Old-school beat 'em up set in a cyberpunk Neo-Barcelona (prototype demo)

Although this Demo is a merely 5 minutes long, the game reminds me of a good clone of Streets of Rage. Looking forward to seeing more with this game. One of the things I hope they do add to the game besides it being a local co-op, is the ability to play online with others as well. 

A hungry rabbit quests for cake

What seems like a nice and cutesy game; gets dark and sassy fast and I like it. I love the animation in this game, reminds me a bit of Cuphead and although the game play is about an hour long. It will be the most interesting one-hour game; you have ever played.  

 You play as Parsnip, a cute little eccentric bunny who just wants to bake a cake for breakfast. However, the roads you take to get the ingredients is what makes this game different and unique. You get to deal with strange characters, including a mysterious individual that lives in a house down the way.

Parsnip is definitely a game that is worth checking out if you have a least 30 minutes to an hour to spare.

Shoot'em up arcade with crazy characters and explosions everywhere!
the bitesize pixel art action RPG where your sword keeps getting bigger!