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Generative Games

a collection by Cosmic · last updated 2018-04-04 02:23:34
A Wartime Garden Simulator
collected reports from alt.codex.travel
procedural architecture
little sunroses
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five minute long game where you can push plants out of your way
we watched the sunrose
they came across a ghost with a dream like their own
Videotape Nightmare
First person alien procedural art studio.
Procedural art gallery simulator.
Infinite monster museums
Abstract Vector Shmup I made in 2005!
Procedural planet generator toy
Permutation Racer is an experimental, endless racing game, exploring the procedural construction of space
Procedurally generated islands with proc gen plants that colonise
There is nothing wrong with curiosity. It drives exploration and human ingenuity across the dimensional mirror.
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In Ruins is an experimental, ambient game examining the procedural construction of space.