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The Studio Liverpool

Game-making Workshop 

19th & 23rd Feb. 13:30-16:00 / 8th Mar.

Youngju Kim with 12 Students from The Studio (Liverpool ) 

The workshop encouraged the participants to present their personal stories or feelings in the form of video games using Bitsy. 

Each game is special. Their games contain the conversation with friends in real life, own music, feelings about self, pieces of memory, or objects that can present themselves. You can either play the character as creators themselves or the detective to find out the stories about creators. 

Organized by FACT 

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Interactive Fiction
The disappearance of Stacy.
Just make it out alive.
It's just another ordinary day, right?
Are you really person you wanted to be?
A short audio based game.
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Interactive Fiction
You've been sent down to the old evidence room to clear up a few discrepancies.