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1 Game A Month Complete 2017

a collection by KingZer0 · last updated 2018-01-22 12:11:58
Death Of Monarchy
Role Playing

June 2017

Boop Gone Full Circle
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I added this as a joke submission because I was getting tired of having good ideas  could not fulfil during gamejam time. Don't complain that it technically isn't a game because you'll make me laugh again, it's supposed to be like that. 

- November 2017

Rhythm Game Attempt
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Technically not apart of the 1gam but was created during the year I was doing it, so I'm adding it to the collection. - September 2017


Team effort. Don't forget to check out the other people who helped in the making of this game :D

 - September 2017

A Short Confusing Demo.
Role Playing

March 2017

Kill for "love"

It isn't that I hat this game, I just hate how much more popular it is in comparison to everything else even though it was never finished, or actually started. - February 2017


Though the game may be somewhat lacking I really like how the art came out on this game - August 2017

Rhyth-like looping arcade game
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One of my best games in my opinion - July 2017

Prototype of a spoopy idea

October 2017

What all dogs are thinking

May 2017

Quickly Made Arcade Like Game
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December 2017

The boopiest clicker game going.

First Game of the challenge - January 2017


April 2017