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a collection by 11BelowStudio · last updated 2023-11-10 03:12:56

A collection to showcase HECC-IT (the Hypertext Editing and Creation Code Integrated Toolkit) and a few games I (and one other person) produced with it.

A very inefficiently-designed game about inefficiently designing a factory

This was probably the first ever HECCIN' Game produced by someone else using HECC-IT.

And I gotta respect them for putting up with HECC-IT to produce this monstrosity (in an affectionate way) of a game 🙏‍

The hypertext game authoring tool for indecisive people
A simulation of some of the unwanted trains of thought I have been experiencing over the past week
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A murder mystery where you are the victim!
Interactive Fiction
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A selection of hypertext games produced with HECC-IT
Interactive Fiction
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