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Games To Write Home About

Get ready for serious paleontology! Assemble dinosaurs your way and learn about their speculated background.
  • An anatomically incorrect dinosaur generator
  • Tongue-in-cheek & burlesque humor
  • Audio, text, video & animation are layered to set the tone
  • Do not talk to the creations
A minimalist game about the forces that shape our cities
  • An abstraction of forces that shape cities
  • Examines, explores & critiques gentrification & its effects
  • Uses the medium to demonstrate a harmful way of thinking
  • Reduce a city & its people to a financial game of gain
A surreal trip through the mundane
  • A series of surreal, abstract puzzle vignettes
  • A disconnected daydream about mundane public spaces
  • Reimagines man-made constructs as living organisms
  • Look, listen and immerse yourself
An abandoned garden growing strange plants.
  • Tend to an abandoned, underground garden
  • With love and care, beautiful plants can grow in dark places
  • Growth requires persistent care and attention
  • Make your garden thrive
A view into the city. Tenderfoot is forming right now.
  • An atmospheric diorama that adapts to time of day
  • A glimpse into an achievable Eco-friendly future
  • A tranquil window to run in the background
  • Spend time seeing all the little details
Experience the unending sacrament of mornings
Play in browser
  • An average human’s morning routine
  • Simple input with humorous gameplay and actions
  • Captures the true, unending horror that is morning
made for FLATGAME annual 2016
Play in browser
  • Disjointed memories of a drunken night
  • Simple art used in a unique way
  • Unscrambling the images feels cohesive to the story 
  • Like a friend telling you a story
fellas, is it gay to make out in the ashes of capitalism?
Play in browser
  • Intense interactive fiction with a time limit
  • Time limit and overwhelming options helps simulate the setting
  • Succinct and extremely heartfelt
  • You will play through this many times
First person alien procedural art studio.
  • Create and curate an art exhibition for aliens
  • Procedural generated paint guns
  • Imprecise implements create interesting constraints
  • See who you are as an artist
wandering through space without a purpose_ getting old and getting lost_
    • Existential space exploration
    • Minimalist environments with huge impact
    • Text-based input
    • Keep a log of your own travels