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a collection by EasternMouse · last updated 2022-09-01 18:20:45
A Touhou fan game about Seiran made for the 2022 Touhou Station game jam.

Second time joined team as programmer and level designer.

Was played by ZUN on stream

Rhythm game about saving love

First dab at rhythm game, where I was lead, programmer, UI artist, and music picker.

Sadly, I could not get through designing good readable charts, and systems gave me nightmares, but game works well and syncronised with music! Also people liked music pick a lot

Horror survival starring Reimu
Play in browser

Made completely alone.

Not as good result as I wanted, but after jam updates brought it to state where it's fun to play

Play as Louise and Sumireko as you explore the Youkai Mountain in search for treasure!
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First team game where I was programmer and one who built level following designs.

End result was extensive for a jam game, game got a lot of stuff to pack