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Inoshiro90's Collection

a collection by Inoshiro90 · last updated 2018-02-16 16:12:30
Art tool that creates images from a source image and a "style"! Helps programmers create non-programmer art. :)
A simple ornamental tiling generator.
Flipping, mirroring, cropping, and replicating of images or parts of images in the pursuit of reinformation.
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From 2D or 3D skeletal animated character to pixelart spritesheets in just a few seconds.
A small pico-8 cart that makes lush textures
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Generate dithering for pixel art!
Convert images and videos into 8bit / Pixel style
Procedural texture generator
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Make 3D binaural sounds
Procedural Ambient Music for Unity
A Minimalist Music Tracker.
Paint of Persia is a rotoscoping pixel-art tool
A simple glyph generator made for #PROCJAM 2014
Geon FX
Simply stunning Particle Editor For GameMaker: Studio and GameMaker Studio 2
Toy Town is a 3d-visualizer for Medieval Fantasy City Generator.
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Make your own avatar!
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A simple tool for creating your own sound effects.
Editor for pixel art animations