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StormCat's Uni Games

a collection by StormCat · last updated 2022-07-04 04:47:24

A collection of all of the finished games that I have made during my time at University.

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Added 44 days ago by StormCat
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Added 44 days ago by StormCat

Although it is not the first game that I started working on during my time at Uni, Friend to Foe was the first one I finished.

I made this game for one of my classes in semester 1 of first year, and it is a short point-and-click about Powerhoof's Crawl.

Not only is it about a game by Powerhoof, I managed to interview one of the developers, Dave, and I made it using PowerQuest, Powerhoof's point and click framework for Unity.

Although the art wasn't amazing, I was quite happy with this project and both Dave and Barney of Powerhoof seemed to think it was cool as well.