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3D Low Poly

a collection by HalfFunGames · last updated 2017-12-16 05:16:10
Included: models (medkit and med bottle) and textures.
Nature themed low-poly .fbx models
3D Fences for games wooden fence
low poly pine tree made by DuffiRider
Low poly katana sword.
Weapons for a Fantasy Game
15 Low Poly Models (FBX Format)
Assortment of Low Poly models
FREE low poly long ship for use in your games! Strike fear in the hearts of the main landers!
A low poly fighting arena with sand/desert colours.
A free asset pack containing barrels, boxes and crates!
Arcade Machines Lowpoly 3D Assets
Low poly axe model with hand drawn style texture
Low Poly Weapon 3d Models
Free NES game cartridge templates that you can use when marketing your next great game!
A low poly tree unity asset package.
Stylised Asset pack for Unity
Rockets Bombs and Missiles 3D Lowpoly Game Assets
Free! 5 root vegetable models (.fbx and .blend)
3D models of futuristic vehicles as we used to imagine them
This is 3d low poly island :D
Free! Six low poly, stylized tree models in .fbx and .blend formats
Cartoon Vehicles Pack 1
3D Low poly vehicle asset pack
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