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Bad design list

a collection by wjyg · last updated 2023-02-05 05:51:35
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Added Feb 05, 2023 by wjyg

1. need a better tutorial, do not put everything in first few level and make player to only learn and wait, can't play, so, make a playable tutorial next time

2. need a better level design, until level 22, i still not see any smart use of bounce ball and ice and red zone

3. the worst thing is, level 22 make you wait like forever, i would play antimatter dimension instead of this game

the only good things is physic in factory game, that why its not 1 star

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Added Jun 16, 2022 by wjyg need solve puzzle for good end, if you didn't, you have to reset

2.a money bag on the "you lose" end, it will reset your progress too, so if you want 100%, you must beat it at least two times[suicide bluecoin sucks - me when playing everybody edits world]

3.there are no comment so i can't find the walkthrough, and that mean i have to guessing. i like puzzle but i don't like word puzzle, and i don't like a word puzzle that reset your progress

4.even worst thing is, i missed the money bag, so that mean i need rebeat two time! that really dumb

just think about it, it even worse than ride snake in getting over it, at least ride snake don't give you secret achievement

if you really want make something like this, just make it kill you, for people who like this, they will play 9 life mode.

too bad i don't know how to hack, if i know, i would give myself maxpower and teleport me to the quiz screen