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Hi-Tech Dreams's Collection

A fun program to generate pixel art portraits from a set of facial features.

avatar creation tool

Colour explorer, picker, namer & palette generator, creator and exporter!

color tool

a new way to use sfxr
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Simple time-lapse photo app.


Generate stand-in textures.
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A labyrinth generator inspired by the Etrian Odyssey games.
A Z80/AY music player library for 8-bit computers.
A playing card editor
TMX import, edit, and export support in Unity3D
multi-touch chord instrument for songwriting, etc.
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Simple story generation tool
A handy web app to help generate game design ideas.
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Microtonal synth / tuner.
a new way to use sfxr
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Easily browse for sound effect files with auto preview
Create different resolution images of your splash screen or icon template
A tool that gives suggestions and ideas for you to draw and paint
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Tool for executing Draw Commands in Unity
Randomly generate space stations in the style of Space Station 13.
Cheat Sheet generator tool. Build quick manuals, instructions or tips.
Custom upscaling shaders for Unity3D
A tool to explore fake game covers and get inspiration !
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A fakebit tracker for creating music and sfx.
Turns still images into glitched out gifs
3D tilemap toolkit for Blender
Generate small worlds, export generated worlds to images or to Minecraft saves.
Generate random game ideas/concepts
A procedural tool for creating 2D maps of archipelagos.
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An old but really simple program for editing MIDIs.
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